Open Palm Farm

Open Palm Farm
Specialty Salad Greens

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During the season you can regularly find our variety of salad products and produce in in many locations in the Valley.

About Us

Open Palm Farm is a small farm in Deerfield growing high quality vegetables for the Pioneer Valley. We are proud to work for a community that values food of the highest quality.

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View pictures of the farm and our products in season and ready to go.

Open Palm Farm

We are a small farm specializing in salad greens and prioritizing wholesale relationships. Our focus is a consistent, high quality product. Our greens mixes are triple washed and ready for use. Organically grown with care, our crops include: lettuce mix, mesclun, brassica mix, arugula, head lettuces, Asian greens, and bunched greens. Delivering Thursdays throughout the Pioneer Valley, June–December.

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Open Palm Farm Specialty Salad Greens - Deerfield, MA

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