Open Palm Farm

About Us

Open Palm Farm is a small farm in Deerfield growing high quality vegetables for the Pioneer Valley. We are proud to work for a community that values food of the highest quality. Since our start, in 2016, we focused on building relationships with wholesale customers, including local independent grocers and restaurants.

On our farm we don’t use pesticides or fungicides and only add organic soil amendments. This means safe food for our customers and respectful treatment of our environment. Here on the farm we’re happy to see many healthy creatures and know they’re safe to thrive. Farming by our methods, with care and respect, allows us to protect our natural spaces for wildlife and future generations.

Being a steward of a farm has been a dream for me ever since my first experience farming as a volunteer in 2007. The power of farming to heal and protect land inspired me to study and practice farming for 8 years before founding Open Palm. Now, I am both honored and humbled to steward this bit of the Deerfield Valley, a place which has long been a cradle of humanity. Home to the Pocumtuc Indigenous People, this area has an ancient and complex human history reaching back over 12,000 years.

If you have any questions or would like to receive our wholesale list please feel free to contact us, and thank you for your interest in our farm.

-Dave Grace


Open Palm Farm